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Leap Of Faith Pet Portraits 

Order Agreement

By commissioning a pet portrait by Kelly Gallagher through you are hereby agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement:

  • The Portrait Order Process

  • Payment

  • Customer Supplied Photos

  • Portrait Completion Time Line

  • Refund Policy



Submit Order and Payment. 50% down is required for your painting to commence. The pet(s) commissioned will be the subject of a painting produced by Kelly Gallagher, Leap Of Faith Paintings™ and that the image will be the artist’s interpretation of the subject based on the pictures and information provided by the customer.

  • Submit Photo References.  You will supply the photo(s) of the pets that will be used for the portrait along with as much detail as possible about what you want your pet portrait to look like.

  • Final Payment and Shipment/Delivery.  Once the your final payment (balance owed) is received and verified, your pet painting will be insured and shipped.

  • Picking up your painting is always best - it ensures the painting is safe and not damaged through the mail. 

  • Without limitation, Kelly Gallagher holds the full and complete copyright and reproduction right to copy, exhibit, publish, display, or distribute copies of the painting. The customer will not use the image of the painting except for individual use without written permission from Kelly Gallagher, Leap Of Faith Paintings™.

  • PAYMENT • 

Payments can be made through Venmo, PayPal, Zelle or Cash.


You will receive a photo of your finished piece of art prior to shipping or pickup. 

If you are not completely satisfied with your finished painting, prior to shipping or pickup a full refund will be offered. 



It is your responsibility to supply any photographs or other materials that will be used as references for the portrait. 


The reference photo(s) can be sent to me by sending them via cell phone text to (570) 352-2872. Please include your full name, your pets name and if you would like the pets name on the painting either at the bottom or on a collar tag. 



The timeline for the completion of a portrait can vary greatly depending on a couple of factors:   

  • How many changes are requested by the customer.

  • Time spent waiting for payment. 

Because of these factors, I cannot be held to any specific time line. If however, there are no delays on your end, such as payments or approvals, or excessive changes to the portrait most portraits should be finished and delivered within 7-10 days of receiving all customer supplied reference materials as discussed in Customer Supplied Photos.



Once you receive your finished portrait, it is not returnable and you will not receive a refund of payment. 

Thank you for understanding.



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