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 “When you like a flower, you just pluck it.

But when you love a flower, 

you water it daily.” 


About Me

Some people say I was born with talent.  With no formal training I suppose you could say so.

I taught myself how Pen & Ink work together.  Then I moved on to acrylic paints and learned how they live and breathe on canvas.  

Working with watercolor paints was certainly unanticipated  and yet proved to be my favorite medium.

Late in the summer of 2020, after 40+ years of working in uninspiring jobs, the time was right for me to take a "leap of faith"!  I made the jump, leaving behind my job and began creating art full time.  With the loving support of my family, I was able to turn my dream into my new reality, and Leap Of Faith Paintings was born.

Onto the next chapter of my life... I try to paint something new every day and continue to seek different perspectives of what I find. 

I look for subjects that enable me to paint something entirely new for me.     

Painting animals is certainly new to me; needing to gain knowledge of animal hair patterns, bird feathers, and even snake scales with some doubt and yet accomplishment in the end. 

I continue to strive to improve and learn while having a great time doing so!

  Thank you for visiting and for supporting a living artist.”  K. Gallagher

I am a Pennsylvania artist with a true passion for the real, surreal and whimsical.

 The unexpected, the hidden, the playful can be perceptively found 

through my art. 

Kelly Gallagher

"Art doesn't just happen...

so I picked up my brush and started painting".

Kelly Gallagher

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